Georgia Fireplace Services & Installations

At The Lucky Cricket, we take pride in offering comprehensive fireplace services and installations provided by our expert team at Chimney & Dryer Vent Services. Whether it’s cleaning, inspection, repair, or updating your fireplace, our service experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle all your needs.

With a decade of excellence in servicing the metro Atlanta and North GA area, we ensure your fireplace operates efficiently and safely, providing you with peace of mind and a cozy, welcoming ambiance in your home. Trust our dedicated professionals to bring warmth and comfort to your hearth – contact us now to schedule your service!

The lucky cricket fireplaces, gas log grills.
Installations: A chimney cap installed on top of a chimney.
A wall with a hole in it requiring installation services.
A chimney with a small hole in it needing services.
A close up of a clogged drain requiring services.
Services: A chimney installation on top of a house in the woods.
A small hole in a building's side created during services or installations.
A close up of a pipe with a hole in it, highlighting services and installations.
A white chimney with a brown chimney cap, installed by professionals.
A black chimney cap attached to a white chimney.
Services for stone fireplace installation in rooms with hardwood floors.
Services: A professional installation of a fireplace with a stone mantle and glass doors.
A brick fireplace installation with logs.
Services: Fireplace installation with integrated TV.
Installations: Combined TV and fireplace setup.
A house with a chimney and services.
A fireplace installation with a marble mantle and tv.
A stone surround Installation for a black fireplace.
Stone fireplace installation services.
Installation of a brick fireplace with a wooden mantle.
A fireplace installation with a TV mounted above it.
A chimney cap installation service with a black cap.
Services for wood burning fireplace installations in living rooms.
A fireplace with a TV installed above it.
A living room with a marble fireplace installation.
A chimney with a cap installed on top.
A fireplace installation with logs.
A fireplace installation with a stone mantle and logs.
A fireplace installation with logs.
A chimney cap installation service for rooftops.
Services: Installation of a black chimney cap on top of a house.
A fireplace installation with a brick mantle and logs.
A fireplace installation with a TV mounted above it.
Services: A living room with a white fireplace and hardwood floors available for installation.
A fireplace installation with a painting above it in a living room.
Services: A professionally-installed chimney with a black chimney cap.
Installations: An expertly-installed chimney featuring a black chimney cap.

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